Irene Soave

…debate to be continued

In femminile plurale, in altre parole on 18 luglio 2008 at 7:49 pm

and were they stil like this, Claire wondered, these new girls, this new generation? Did they still feel a thing and do another? Did they still only want to be wanted? Were they still objects of desire instead of – as Howard might put it – desiring subjects? Thinking of the girl sat cross-legged with her in the basement, of Zora in front of her, of the angry girls who shouted their poetry from the stage – no, she could see no serious change. Still starving themselves, still reading women’s magazines that explicitly hate women, still cutting themselves with little knives in places they think can’t be seen, still faking their orgasms with men they dislike, still lying to everybody about everything.

(Zadie Smith, On Beauty)



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